Yoni Casting


 More and more women find it empowering, healing and transformative to own a cast of their yoni as part of this process.
A yoni cast offers you the opportunity 

  • to get to know your own vulva
  • to really SEE 'her' unique beauty
  • to understand more about your individual pleasure pathways by understanding your anatomy
  • to let go of shame and dissociation through creating a direct, visual relationship
  • to claim the astounding delicacy, sacredness, beauty and individuality as a piece of Art

The cast celebrates the place of connection between Inner and Outer, the seat of pleasure, and the pathway for new life!!!

Each cast is unique and the casting process is part of the healing journey.

We will have a conversation about the process of casting, your feelings about your yoni and your intention. There may be joy and laughter in the process: the oddness of the situation, the moistness of the casting substances, the surprise at seeing the first imprint.


You can choose to leave it in its raw, plaster finish or opt for the gold paint with finished or unfinished edges, with or without buttocks.



The casting is done in your own home and I will bring everything needed for the session. The session including conversation before hand takes between 1 1/2-2 hours and costs £150. 

Mileage is calculated at 50p/mile.


The finished cast can be picked up within 7 days or delivery can be arranged for an additional cost.

For further details please get in touch.