Yoni Healing - Awakening Woman

Are you on a healing journey toward an awakened sexuality?

Looking for a healthier and more loving connection to your own yoni?

Are you in a process of claiming your own sexuality

and want to explore your personal pleasure pathways?

Do you want to celebrate your womanhood? 


Welcome to this page about Pelvic Healing/ Yoni Massage.


It is deep and nourishing work to heal & celebrate femininity and womanhood.

To address core issues within your sexual/intimate history through touch.


Delving into the information on this page may be a big step, a leap of faith, requiring trust and courage.

I am so glad you are here! 



is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals.

It includes the vulva, vagina, cervix and womb. It is the term I use in this work.


Many women know very little about their genitalia, have often never seen themselves and/or have mixed feelings, including a lot of shame about their genitalia. This may be due to the learning and experiences of their entires lives: lacking role models of healthy womanhood and women's sexual nature; skewed images in the media; being scolded or shamed for self pleasuring as children; negative early sexual experiences; allowing sex when not fully engaged or ready; fast or hard sex; abuse; negative birth experiences and trauma; etc. 

Many of us have received or allowed touch that we didn’t actually want, many of us know how to disassociate when we don’t enjoy touch or connection and far too many women stop experiencing their bodies sexually and sensually after having children or around menopause.


The Yoni Massage is an honouring that most women have never received. The healing of this work is immense. 

It can be a foundation for being more connected to Self and allowing/striving for intimacy with a partner.

Sexuality connects us to our life force energy and we benefit profoundly from increased connection. In time this healing goes far beyond sexuality. It can impact our connection to ourselves and the people around us. Feelings of aliveness, vibrancy, clarity and love may increase.

Preparatory Work

Email, phone or preparatory Zoom meeting:

You may want to share /discuss some of your background, questions, uncertainties, worries before our appointment. You can  share your thoughts by email or give me a ring. Alternatively, you can book a Discovery Session on Zoom.

First Session with me?

Awakening Woman work is a great way to connect to your own body, to practice being seen and touched in a safe space where the complete focus is on your journey, wellbeing and your boundaries.

If you have not worked with me before I recommend that we have a first appointment for conversation, history, your wishes/yearnings and setting safe foundations with a full body Lomi Lomi massage. Much of the work with the Yoni is about boundaries, trust, time and presence. It is important for your nervous system to establish safety before stepping into the deep and intimate work of the Yoni massage.

The Lomi Lomi will give you opportunity to check out my work and for us to establish a trusting connection. The full body work can include your breasts and vulva, depending on your boundaries, is a wonderful way to experience wholeness, safety and innocence in the experience of  your body.


2 hour session - £120

The Yoni Massage session


We will begin with a conversation about your wishes, your current connection to your body and sexuality, the life path that led you to this moment as it relates to your exploration. We will create a space that suits you at this specific point in time. There are many different elements that can be used independently or combined as required/desired in each massage.

Strands of Yoni Massage/Healing

The Honouring

Imagine a warm, safe and comfortable space in which you are the centre of all attention. Imagine luxuriating in time, attentiveness and care during this Honouring of your female body.

This mindful massage includes your whole body. Slow, conscious touch & holding of the breasts and vulva are so incredibly healing. It is not stimulation but integration. Healing the artificial separation and disconnection from our sexual nature.

The massage honours the passage of time and the events that have shaped your female form. It blesses and celebrates.

Particular attention is given to the womb space (irrespective of its physical presence or absence), the Venus Mount, the Vulva & your breasts. 


Total stay 2-2.5 hours 



First session: £175

Subsequent sessions: £150

The Awakening

This work includes all aspects of the Honouring massage as well as more detailed massage of the Vulva- the labia (outer and inner lips), sitting bones,  clitoris (not just the pearl but more importantly all the erectile tissue under the labia) and the perineum. I will be describing each area to you, which may expand your knowledge of your vulva significantly. Do read the testimonial on Yoni Mapping below.

If you choose to include internal work we continue to explore the vagina, G-spot (female prostate), cervix and A point.

This massage may reawaken areas of numbness, reconnect you to yourself, create greater knowledge of your own body and the way it functions/connects to pleasure. You may also become aware of tension and trauma held in the body. There may be feelings of pleasure or arousal and equally there may be feelings of pain & sadness.

Techniques of holding, pulsing, massage, indirect vibration, visualisations are utilised.


Total stay 3-3.5 hours



First session: £235

Subsequent sessions: £210

Yoni Balm - a balm to nourish your yoni

Continue the massage work at home by incorporating a daily ritual of self care into your life or begin the journey of Awakening Woman with this self care practice.


This nourishing balm is made from organic ingredients, tincture of Lady’s Mantle and precious essential oils.

Moisturising the vulva with this delicate balm supports the loving contact with your yoni and your femininity. 



Yoni Balm is made in small batches and will last several months when stored in a cool place. Size: 30 ml


Price:  £30


The balm is packaged in an organza bag and includes instructions for use.

It makes a beautiful gift for any woman from young women who have started their menarche to women after menopause.

P&P not included in price.


Ingredients: Organic sweet almond oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Tincture of Lady’s Mantle ( Alchemilla vulgaris), organic essential oils of Geranium, Lavender and Rose absolute.

A final word

All you have read may excite you, scare you, make you feel uncomfortable, make you wonder.

I am happy to have a conversation about it, no matter what feelings arise for you.



My Yoni healing experience with Anja was surprising, expanding & enlightening.  I didn't know what to expect beforehand but my previous work with Anja had built trust and so I felt calm and able to receive when I entered the session.  This allowed me to be curious and interested to meet my Yoni. 

During the session I experienced feelings and sensations which became apparent were from giving birth and from breastfeeding.  These places we were able to unravel together and I came away much more in tune with this area of my body and more connected.

I now realise this part of me is so valuable and resourceful in my human journey.  I now have the tools and understanding to continue further.

L.W, East Sussex


Feedback from a client about Yoni mapping:

'Meeting my yoni - There are 8000 nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris alone. It is the only known body part that has the sole purpose of pleasure. Inside my vagina there is an ‘a’ spot as well as a ‘g’ spot. Working with Anja has allowed me to get to know my own body— this one I carry around with me every day —  I had no idea me and my yoni were such strangers. I also can’t believe that I waited 42 years to get to know this wonderful part of my body. After my first three hour Woman’s massage with Anja I vowed to her that I would send my daughter to her to get the chance to map out her own body and all the amazing things it can do before she starts to explore it with someone else. I wish that every woman and girl had a chance to do this, I also know it’s never too late. 

Getting to know my body better, to understand that my sensuality is something internal not externally validated has made me feel more confident every day, not just in my sex life. I have shaken off any feelings of shame, I take care of myself in a way I hadn’t done before, I appreciate my body more and therefore I look after it. 

Every woman should have the chance to meet their yoni.'

Anna, 42, Kent 


'I have recently begun women’s work in the Lomi Lomi massage with Anja and have been amazed at the deep healing that is occurring through this process. Anja creates a beautiful safe and sacred space. Her gentle, warm and nurturing presence as well as her skills working with the body encourage my body to open and release held tensions and past trauma. In particular her touch and her instinctive sense to move my body into certain positions has allowed me to access and release a past sexual trauma which psychotherapy could not. The loving and respectful touch she uses within the yoni massage has brought about healing and a deeper respect for my own femininity and womanhood. Of course it is unconventional and beyond the 'normal' boundaries in our society to be straight and have another woman touch intimate parts of our bodies, but Anja handles this with extreme skill keeping the focus very present, and involves me as an active participant of the process by asking regularly for feedback about what is arising. This sensitive approach builds trust and means that healing can occur. I would highly recommend her. ‘

V.J, Tunbridge Wells 


'I feel privileged to be deepening my journey through Anja's work. I have enjoyed her Lomi Lomi massage for many years and am now seeing her for women's healing work too. she offers a safe, loving and transformative space in which to nourish the feminine. She is an inspirational therapist and truly walks her belief and practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'  

L.B, Brighton


'Both Anja and the awesome, transformative work that she does have had a big impact in my life. She lovingly massaged and supported me and my baby throughout pregnancy and post-partum, taking me into deeply connected spaces that nurtured me beyond words. And now with her woman's work I can enter into what feels to me a very safe and sacred space and shift deep-seated blocks that have kept me from my full expression as a woman. So I have a lot to thank Anja for and would highly recommend her work to anyone wishing to claim more of their sovereignty and release what no longer serves them.'

R.K, Brighton