The Awakening Woman Concept

Women’s Sexual Health and Healing massage is deep healing and nourishing work to celebrate us as women, to address core issues within our sexual/intimate history through touch.

Human beings create neuronal pathways in the brain through the connection of sight, touch and our feelings.

Men touch and see their genitalia from very early on, several times a day (urinating, washing, self loving) and have very strong neuronal pathways and very developed feeling in their genitalia.

Many women, in contrast, know very little about their genitalia, have often never seen themselves and carry a lot of mixed feelings, including a lot of shame about their genitalia, often due to the learning and experiences of our entires lives: images of the media; being scolded or shamed for self pleasuring as children; negative early sexual experiences; peer pressure; allowing sex when we were not fully engaged; fast sex; abuse; birth experiences and trauma; etc.

The less we know and the more we disconnect, the stronger stimulation we require to feel anything at all. However, our yoni (A Sanskrit word for female genitals that I far prefer as it doesn’t limit the value of the Vagina to be ‘sheath for the Penis) is a most delicate flower and benefits profoundly from increased connection and our somatic knowledge of ourselves.

This healing goes far beyond sexuality and impacts how we view and value ourselves and the people around us.


There are a number of different options available to explore and connect to the Awakening Woman within.

A dedicated website is in the design stages.

Please email or call me if you are interested to hear more about this work.






‘I have recently begun women’s work in the Lomi Lomi massage with Anja and have been amazed at the deep healing that is occurring through this process. Anja creates a beautiful safe and sacred space. Her gentle, warm and nurturing presence as well as her skills working with the body encourage my body to open and release held tensions and past trauma. In particular her touch and her instinctive sense to move my body into certain positions has allowed me to access and release a past sexual trauma which psychotherapy could not. The loving and respectful touch she uses within the yoni massage has brought about healing and a deeper respect for my own femininity and womanhood. Of course it is unconventional and beyond the 'normal' boundaries in our society to be straight and have another woman touch intimate parts of our bodies, but Anja handles this with extreme skill keeping the focus very present, and involves me as an active participant of the process by asking regularly for feedback about what is arising. This sensitive approach builds trust and means that healing can occur. I would highly recommend her. ‘ V.J February 2018 


'I feel privileged to be deepening my journey through Anja's work. I have enjoyed her Lomi Lomi massage for many years and am now seeing her for women's healing work too. she offers a safe, loving and transformative space in which to nourish the feminine. She is an inspirational therapist and truly walks her belief and practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'  L.B, October 2018


'Both Anja and the awesome, transformative work that she does have had a big impact in my life. She lovingly massaged and supported me and my baby throughout pregnancy and post-partum, taking me into deeply connected spaces that nurtured me beyond words. And now with her woman's work I can enter into what feels to me a very safe and sacred space and shift deep-seated blocks that have kept me from my full expression as a woman. So I have a lot to thank Anja for and would highly recommend her work to anyone wishing to claim more of their sovereignty and release what no longer serves them.' R.K, October 2018