'Wow - Anja has such a profound, attuned skill and intuitive sensitivity. I found the whole experience from explanation to first touch, to right through the whole arc of the massage really pleasurable and profound. I felt fully safe to give myself to and truly receive the blessing and the healing of the experience. It's extraordinary to be massaged in this way. Anja knows the body deeply and has a true gift.'
S.G, therapist

'Thank you again for a great session today. I felt you really met me at every level and worked so skilfully with the child, adolescent and adult parts of me - which is quite something!

You are very gifted, intuitive and committed and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.

Your beautiful studio has become a place of safety and acceptance where I can explore all parts of myself and experience a deep sense of holding and healing. I look forward to continuing this work with you.'



'I have worked alongside Anja with regularity for 6 years now. When I first started seeing Anja for Lomi Lomi massage I was constantly amazed each time how the massage felt different & each time my body & then my emotions were released, sometimes in a subtle way...sometimes with a little more ferocity. 

I have learnt so much. You can read many books on how the body stores not only physical tightness & tension but stuck / suppressed emotions ... this is an integral part of my work, but never before had I experienced a massage that gifted such cohesion with breath, body & release - if indeed there was stuck stuff nestled that needed to rear its head, on Anja’s heated table after setting an intention for the session, it would almost certainly present itself.

I feel it an honour & commitment to myself to book sessions with Anja, she is intuitive, nurturing & unlike any other ‘body worker’ I have come across. I would thoroughly recommend her & most often do!

Anna, yoga teacher


'For me, a massage therapist and acupuncturist myself, Lomi Lomi is the queen of massages. And Anja is incredible. She is warm and flows with love, generosity of mind and great technical ability. In my experience, a sacred space is opened with a clear intention in which I feel like my current needs are being danced. Anja's ability and intuition open my body very deeply, and also touch my soul. Every time, I understand a little more about my life. For me it is so much more than a physical massage treatment, but a really deep and sacred time to refresh myself, to rest or to feel myself in waves that move, shake and hold me.

I wish you a wonderful trip with Lomi and Anja, a very special woman. '

Jill, acupuncturist and massage therapist


'Anja's work is exceptionally profound and transformative, it is also exquisitely enjoyable to be on the side of the recipient. It is undoubtedly the best massage I have ever had. I think the Lomi style is fantastic, but Anja also brings a quality of intuitive depth, joy, playfulness and loving compassion to the treatments that are beyond any other bodywork I've ever experienced. I love the ritual of lomi, song and soundscape and Anja has a masterful use of various sensual variations that really help me to come into complete trust and flow through all my different levels of resistance. I've had some treatments already and feel connected to parts of myself that I barely knew existed. It feels like I've come home accepting all aspects of myself. Over time, I find that my treatments are increasingly helping me to make other changes in my lifestyle, anchored in an increasingly accepting and caring relationship with myself and not in my usual self-criticism. Thanks Anja! '

Alex, business coach


'A warm, heartfelt conversation leads us into the ritual LomiLomiMassage - I feel like being carried in warm water, caressed, lifted - sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, sometimes clear, as if I were lying on the beach of an infinite ocean. Anja allows with her strokes and kneading a very deep immersion into body and soul. Just as the Pacific with its immense size and power can connect everything, I can recognize relationships over years, it creates a healing deep joy! The understanding in the preliminary talk turns into Anja's empathetic touch for powerful support in the upcoming processes - for me they resulted in a wonderful ease, both physically and above all mentally, many heartfelt thanks. '

Andreas, Massage therapist & librarian


'Anja is a highly trained and gifted therapist who delivers an amazing Lomi Lomi massage. Anja's treatment room is a place of warmth and lightness. Her massage has a flowing feeling that I have never experienced before.

The way my muscles were massaged and extended, moved and lengthened was both relaxing and invigorating. I have had many massages in the past but believe that this is something very special. The whole experience is easy to recommend. '

Michael, Craniosacral Therapist & Yoga teacher

' I am very astounded by Anja's presence and empathy in the massage. I have never experiences this intensity in a Lomi massage. For me, Anja's work is more than just massage - I feel deeply touched and I will be back!'

Monika, Business coach