Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before the massage?

There are different styles and I personally work on an oil sheet, which means that I can also reach under your body and move you quite easily. For that reason, you will be naked and ideally work without a sarong once the massage has started, as it gets in the way, soaks up the oil and clients have felt the readjustment of the sarong as a hindrance to deep relaxation.  The long fluid strokes cover the whole body except genitals. 


Is this an erotic massage?

No, it is not. The quality of touch ranges from gentle to deep contact, releasing muscular tension and also inviting wide open sensory experiences. It can be a sensual massage but is not an erotic massage. 


How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer before the appointment or in cash on the day. I do not accept cards.


How soon can I get an appointment?

I have a very busy practice and get booked up about 3 weeks in advance. Please email me for up-to-date availability.


What is your cancellation policy?

I recognize that schedules can change when appointments are booked far in advance and request cancellation at the latest 48 hours before the appointment, so that someone else can benefit from the session. Later cancellations result in a £50 fee and the complete payment is withheld for No-shows. New clients are required to pay by bank transfer 48 hours before the first appointment.


How should I prepare for the massage?

The massage has the capacity for transformation and healing, Treat it as a gift to yourself. I recommend showering before you come for your appointment and allowing enough time to drive over. Wear or bring casual clothes that can get a little oily. We will be removing excess oil but residues will still be nourishing your body.

I would also recommend allowing time after the treatment to integrate the work. Please don't book in another appointment straight after.


How much time do I need to allow?

I would encourage you to plan in sufficient time to get the most out of your session: Arrive 5 minutes early, turn off the radio, put the phone in 'flight' mode,  breathe, then enjoy the walk down to the Studio. - After you leave the Studio allow yourself the same transition time - breathe the fresh air outside, notice how you are feeling right now, sit quietly in the car for a moment, if you can leave the phone and radio off until you get home or to your next destination.


I am concerned about having an erection!

Receiving positive attention and the resultant relaxation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is not under our conscious control. An erection may occur and this is not a problem in any way but rather just a part of  the human experience. We won’t do anything with it but I can support you to disperse the energy throughout your body.


What do you mean with Breathwork?

 The breath is a powerful tool of transformation. Inhaling the new-exhaling the old/the waste. This applies to oxygen/CO2 as much as to patterns of behaviour. The Hawaiians called the White Man, 'Ha ole' - the one without breath! Western people often breathe very shallowly and can find it difficult to 'make a sound'. We actively address this in the bodywork and use the breath as a tool to feel ( more).