About Me

My name is Anja and I am woman, partner, mother, lover, midwife, dancer, Women's Sexual Health practitioner and Lomi artist.

Although born in Germany, I have lived in America and England for the past 30 years.  I dedicated 12 years to my  Independent midwifery practice and  have been working as a Lomi Lomi massage practitioner since 2011.  The years of being so intensely involved in women's lives has brought me into Women's Circles and trainings around Women's Initiations, Partnership, Communication and Sexuality. I have seen in my clients and in myself the importance of recognizing and acting upon the changing needs in our partnerships. In order to do this, we need to understand ourselves and our bodies first of all. This desire has brought me to Women's healing work - it is profound, astounding, beautiful, transformative and healing to ourselves, our partnerships and our families.


Delving into this work has also brought me in contact with men who have the same desire to become more settled in an awakened masculinity, able to meet their partners out of better understanding of themselves. Being seen, accepted and celebrated is as important to men as to women. I am glad to be able to support the healing of our culture in this way.


Lomi Lomi is a dance of life and a ritual for me, in which YOU are the center of the universe. Intuitively, I feel in and support what wants to be moved, released and changed. Massage is like a meditation - not in silence and external peace, but a moving meditation. It is a daily gift for me to be part of this process.

I am very grateful to my teachers, Carrie Rowell and Klemens Reinisch for the foundation of my work and I am  full of gratitude to my teacher Nhanga Grunow for the Women's Healing work.


Nature is very powerful in Hawaii and this is noticeable in every massage.

The SUN is present in the warmth of room, hand, oil and heart. It brings hidden things to light.

The WIND is present in breath and movement. It is fresh, fills our lungs, moves us and connects us to our feelings.

The flowing of the WATER moves, cleanses, refreshes and connects us with the energy of life.

The EARTH energy is felt in the firm stability, the holding , the groundedness.

The FIRE transforms. It burns the old and creates space and energy for new things.

The massage combines all these elements and invites you to embrace the new and to come fully into the present moment.