Lomi Lomi

Most people let out a deep sigh of relief and sink into a welcome calm when entering the warm Lomi Studio.

Our conversation before the massage is your opportunity to express wishes, current topics and thoughts that should and can resonate in the Lomi. At the same time, this conversation also serves to create trust between us.


The massage is given on a heated couch, with generous amounts of organic coconut oil which is a pleasure for the skin and your sensory organs. The oil aids movement, rotation and lifting. The massage combines long and flowing strokes with deep, exact, conscious contact. The touch of various parts of the body simultaneously by hands, forearms and elbows on and under the body makes it difficult for the head to follow and thus the attention is increasingly moving out of the head and into the body. The massage can relax and release both physical and mental tensions, and the released energy in turn can reconnect and enliven your joy in life.

The under body strokes may lift, rock and cradle you. You may feel as if  immersed in the waves of the sea or reminded of your experience in the arms of your mother. Sometimes even connecting more to the archetypal holding within the womb, especially when our own early life experience may have been difficult.


Body and soul are moved. Tensions can be resolved and perspectives changed. Your body can let go, regenerate, heal, refresh, and experience new-found creativity and liveliness.

You may connect to sadness, grief, anger, happiness, shame. You will have the space to let your body release these feelings, finally give your emotions room to be felt, moved and heard - and in turn release the Old.


Each massage is unique in that we work with your intentions and hopes and attunes to the needs of the moment. The massage invites you again and again, to drop into the moment and join the perfect dance of life.


It is an extraordinary experience that can be both blessing and healing for your life.



Full body touch:

You may choose to experience full body touch. I will ask your permission to massage your entire body, including breasts and vulva ( external genitals). Slow, conscious touch & holding of the breasts and vulva are so incredibly healing. It is not stimulation but integration. Healing the artificial separation and disconnection from our sexual nature.  


90 Min   - £90

120 Min - £120