Pregnancy  Massage

New Mama Massage Hawaiian Nurture

Pregnancy is an incredible, transformative, sometimes challenging growth process - physically, emotionally and spiritually!

I love working with women at this time. The opportunity is so great to get into deeper connection with your own body and with your growing baby. To inhabit your changing shape, to practice asking for what you need, using movement in the treatment to aid your relaxation and current situation. To practice using breath constructively.


In the first half of pregnancy you can lie on your stomach and back. In later pregnancy you can receive in the side-lying position, shorter periods on your back and deep kneeling over a bolster for delicious lower back stretches.



60 Min - £80

90 Min - £105


'Another wonderful, nourishing and balancing massage in the 39th week of pregnancy - thank you. You have a true talent for massage and the ability to make pregnant women feel calm, comfortable and nourished. I appreciate your calm kindness, expertise and solidarity with me in this special time. I would recommend your massage to all expectant mothers  as a unique opportunity to relax and let go. '

Lucy, public servant


‘Anja’s wonderful, sensitive massages helped me to connect to my body and my baby before and after the birth. Her wisdom and gentle warmth supported our journey and I came out of every massage feeling renewed. Hugely recommended to every expectant and new mumma!’

New Mama Massage

Babies enjoying New Mother Massage Hawaiian Nurture

It is such a pleasure to work with women in the early weeks and months of Motherhood.  It is so important to receive nourishment at a time when so much energy and love is being poured out toward the baby, when the body is working overtime.

It is easy to welcome a baby into this space. You can feed when needed, baby can settle on the sheepskin when asleep. Alternatively, a partner can come along and spend time with the baby while you are tanking up on nourishment, care and time for yourself.



90 Min - £105



'Receiving Anja’s incredible New Mama massages in the weeks following my baby's birth were hands down the best investment I made  for my postpartum recovery. 

Anja is such an intuitive and caring therapist and her warm and motherly energy is just what you need when navigating the early weeks of mothering a new soul - she not only looks after you and your postpartum body with such care, but as a former midwife is also incredibly attuned to your babies needs - so that both of you leave her sessions deeply relaxes, reassured and replenished. I truly hope that many new mamas in the area will be able to enjoy Anja’s special gift during this special time.' J.G, Forest Row

'Anja has a beautiful intuitive touch. She listened, allowed me to put myself first & was wonderfully supportive to my baby's needs as well. Gratitude to you Anja.'

S.P, Hartfield