Pregnancy massage

As an experienced midwife, I am particularly happy to work with expectant mothers.

This massage is a rhythmic, flowing treatment that relieves pain and muscle tension, it improves sleep, and gives you the opportunity to be in deep connection with your baby and prepare your body for childbirth. The warm table supports you to drop into deep relaxation. .In the first half of pregnancy you can lie on your stomach and back. In later pregnancy the massage is given in the side-lying position.


60 Min - £60

90 Min - £85

Gift vouchers are available for all massages  - please enquire.

Birth preparation massage

This work is very close to my heart as I have supported many women who have encountered challenges during their births which often originated in a time long before the birthing day. Unfortunately, many women have encountered trauma in their vaginas. This ranges from painful vaginal examinations or smear tests, painful sex, abusive or traumatic intimate encounters, cervical ablations or biopsies, traumatic births, surgery, tears etc


Our bodies are perfectly formed and designed to birth babies! But birth requires us women to totally surrender into the process so that our vaginas can be soft, stretchy and able to let our babies pass through. For that to be possible, we need to trust our own bodies, our partners, our supporters during the birth and we need to release tension and trauma that can tighten and misalign the birth canal.

This massage work supports you to release held trauma in the tissues and to learn about your own body, to understand it and to know what it takes to drop into a soft openness for birth.


It is essential to have sufficient time to prepare the body. A series of monthly massages is recommended. We can start anytime from 16 weeks.


90 min - £85 (intitial treatment) 

120 min - £110

Series of 5 massages ( 2 hours) is recommended- £500

More can be added as needed.

Gift vouchers are available for all massages  - please enquire.


Please contact me if you feel a resonance but have worries, concerns, questions - I am here to talk.