Hawaiian Nurture

Lomi Lomi  inspired Hawaiian Massage & Yoni Healing

Anja Kositzki - Lomi Lomi Artist Hawaiian Nurture

E komo mai. Welcome to Hawaiian Nurture - 

a Hawaiian inspired, energetic bodywork that is nourishing and healing support for women & men of all ages.


Based on the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi, which is traditionally used both for general health and healing and serves in temple rituals to support specific stages of life, crisis situations and intentional changes.


My work combines both aspects, creating space for everything you bring: your physical challenges, your feelings and desires, your zest for life or lack thereof, your stress, your (dis) connection to your own body and being, your thoughts and behavioural patterns that you may want to look at or are already in the process of changing.


This beautiful form of touch, known in Hawaii as the Queen of Massages, takes you on a journey into the waves of the ocean of life. And as in the sea, the massage is sometimes calm, soothing and relaxing; then dynamic and liberating, as well as powerful, deep and transformative. It invites you into an inner spaciousness where balance, deep relaxation, mind & body transformation and self alignment can occur.


About me

My name is Anja and I am woman, partner, mother to two wonderful men, midwife, dancer, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach, Women's Sexual Health practitioner and Lomi artist.

Born in Germany, I have lived in America and England for more than 30 years... 




Lomi Lomi Massage

The massage combines long and flowing strokes with deep, focussed, conscious contact. The touch of various parts of the body simultaneously by hands, forearms and elbows on and under the body makes it difficult for the head to follow....



Awakening Woman Coaching

Coaching is a partnership process using thought-provoking questions and creative tools to help you think and explore a topic for yourself rather than to receive advice. It inspires you to enhance your personal and professional well being & potential...



Yoni Healing

The Yoni massage is deep and nourishing work to heal & celebrate femininity and womanhood. It can address core issues within your sexual/intimate history through touch.